Ben Levy
Ben Levy
Software Developer in Columbus, OH

About Me

I've been working as a professional software developer since February 2018, mostly maintaining and extending the ERP system for a local Columbus manufacturing company. I've found that I have a specialty for refactoring and simplifying existing logic, and a strong sense of good and bad practices in the technical scope as well as in that of team functionality and process. Additionally, I'm sharpening my utilization of practical testing patterns to improve the stability and scalability of my products.

I'm always interested to expand and challenge my knowledge, whether that's just working with a new stack, or learning something I didn't know about a familiar concept. I would like to spend more time with mentorship, both as a mentee and a mentor myself, and hope that might lead to more knowledge and understanding of Dev Ops proficiencies, among other things. Give me an interesting problem, some good people, opportunity for growth, and let's make some cool stuff.


  • Architected a rapid scalable solution to allow business to continue to expand and operate from multiple new physical premises during a time of unprecedented growth.
  • Designed and delivered a new solution for visibility of inventory data which answered an initial request along with a host of new functionalities, and improved performance/stability. Additionally, conceived and implemented an architectural pattern to better-encapsulate some service client usage.
  • "Drank from the firehose" to implement one of the more complicated operational solutions being utilized by the business, which automated hours of daily user time away and brought insight to the complexity of those particular processes.
  • Packaged up an algorithmic solution design for the allocation of material parts to their assemblies, based on lead time, for deployment as a background transaction-level process, saving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars a year due to increased accuracy.


My personal interests include:

  • Mountain Biking. The best feedback loop for adventure, fitness, and endorphins that I've found. Over the last few years it's become one of life's great pleasures and is the focus of a number of lifestyle goals, including my family's potential relocation.
  • Coding, as well as software development as a whole practice. I would like to know everything, and am thrilled to be in a career where learning new things is so critical. To have my daily work be something that I find so satisfying truly feels like a privilege. I look forward not just to the coding, but to the creativity and collaboration that it inspires.
  • Soccer. The beautiful game, after all. This game provided my first experience of satisfaction, and gave me an appreciation for what good team communication can achieve. A skillful player can make for some great moments and can even carry a team at times, but a strong team, as a unit, is what wins championships. The greatest things we do, we do together.
  • Gaming. Pass-time, community-building, storytelling, puzzle-solving, reality retreat. The stimulating activity helping to hold the human psyche together in the modern world.

Recent Projects

  • RogueApps (Manufacturing) is an ERP system. Used internally by over 1000 employees, it's a custom C# web app utlizing some legacy ASP.NET MVC patterns, with some newer implementations of Vue.js and API services, layered on top of custom Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 X++ services. RogueApps provides financial reporting, inventory management, production planning, supply chain information, and more, by bridging data between a few different back-end systems for consumption by users all across the company.

Other Things

  • Father to a one-year old daughter.
  • Bicycles and bike tinkering in general.
  • Hoping to relocate with my family to somewhere along the Blue Ridge mountains in the coming years.

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