Ben Levy
Ben Levy
Senior Software Developer in Asheville, NC

About Me

I've been working as a professional software developer since February 2018. Mostly, this work has circled various aspects of maintaining and extending the ERPs for manufacturing companies. I think the skills that I've most developed in this time are similar to a mechanic's. Give me a currently (or recently) functional complex system, and I can take it apart, understand the components, and put it back together in significantly improved condition.

I'm always interested in expanding and challenging my knowledge, whether that's just working with a new stack, or learning something new about a familiar concept. I would like to spend more time with mentorship, honing the scrappy pragmatic skills at the foundation of the software pipeline, and absorbing the nature of higher-tier architectural patterns. Give me an interesting problem, some good people, opportunity for growth, and let's build some satisfying solutions.


  • Architected a rapid scalable solution to allow business to continue to expand and operate from multiple new physical premises during a time of unprecedented growth.
  • "Drank from the firehose" to implement one of the more complicated operational solutions being utilized by the business, which automated hours of daily user time away and brought insight to the complexity of those particular processes.
  • Designed and implemented a recursive algorithm for matching of financial entities based on the content of associated bills of material.
  • Contributed development lifecycle guidance to a team, setting up processes and standards which resulted in substantial improvements to clarity, predictability, and delivery time of planned work.


My personal interests include:

  • Mountain Biking. The best feedback loop for adventure, fitness, and endorphins that I've found. Over the last several years it's become one of life's great pleasures and is the focus of a number of lifestyle goals.
  • Coding, as well as software development as a whole practice. I would like to know everything, and am thrilled to be in a career where constant learning is so critical. To have my daily work be something that I find so satisfying truly feels like a privilege. I look forward not just to the technical challenges, but to the creativity and collaboration that they inspire.
  • Soccer. A game of satisfaction, and one which provided my foundational appreciation for what good communication can achieve. A skillful player can make for some great moments and can even carry a team at times, but a strong team, as a unit, is what wins championships. The greatest things we do, we do together.
  • Gaming. Pastime, community-building, storytelling, puzzle-solving, reality retreat. A stimulating activity helping to hold the human psyche together in the modern world.

Recent Projects

  • RogueApps: ERP used internally by over 1000 employees. ASP.NET web app implementing a mix of standard MVC,, and some RPC-style APIs layered on top of custom Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 X++ services.
  • PL 2.0: Enterprise ecosystem which facilitates the connection of nearly all aspects of the business operations, enfolding ERP, CRM, and more. C# (.NET) microservice architecture with Azure message bus and a mix of REST and RPC APIs facilitating much of the inter-domain communication.

Other Things

  • Father and spouse.
  • Bicycles and bike tinkering in general.
  • Enjoying the mountains and woods.
  • Home projects.

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